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Bursa Armenian Delegate Sahak Odabashıan of Sivas has headed out to Erzincan on the probability that he will be engaging in political incitement over the Armenians. He should be kept under close watch. //

Sahak Odabashian has been assigned to the Delegate's Office of Erzincan. He arrived in Sivas on Sunday. He is himself from Sivas however if he is needed back in Bursa, whatever is necessary shall be done.

The investigation needs to go deeper so that the perpetrators can be caught. The Erzincan office has been apprised of this and the delegate from Karahisar may be helpful on this matter.

On the capture of the perpetrators for the murder of the Delegate, neither the delegate of Karahisar nor anyone else may help; the accused are being sent to Refahiye and Erzincan.

The written testimonies of witnesses state that Governor Muammer Bey released Mahir from prison on orders to murder Sahak Efendi.

As a result of a decision made to postpone the follow up on individuals who potentially possess the conditions for engaging in gang activity, these individuals have been deported to Erzurum.

On whether or not hotels, Union [and Progress] clubs, printing presses and study centers had been constructed out of stones taken from the ruins of Armenian churches and homes that were destroyed during Sivas Governor-General Muammer Bey time in office.



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Sivas 02



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