Sivas 16

Original Author

Krikor Guerguerian

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Taner Akcam

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Questions asked of former Sivas Police Director Rifat Efendi, about the deportation process in Sivas; the whereabouts and status of Bakkalian and Tashchian Efendi; whether supervision of the churches had occurred so that they wouldn't be destroyed;the annihilation of the first caravan.

On the Special Organization that Bahaettin Sakir [Şakir] Bey presided over, questions on the number of units, regiments and battalions that it was comprised of, how many prisoners released from which prisons populated it, how many admirals, majors and lieutenants had been assigned to manage them and who had granted them their titles, how many men were in Yakup Cemil's gang and where had they been dispatched.



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Sivas 16



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