Sivas 12

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Krikor Guerguerian

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Taner Akcam

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Response to questions about how many churchs had been destroyed in Sivas and how many coffeehouses, buildings etc had been constructed with stones taken from Armenian graves. Why was Armenian labor used to destroy them and was the Armenian village named Tavra destroyed on orders from İstanbul or from the Administrative Council? The three churches were destroyed during Muammer Bey's term and the destroyed Armenian village and areas had been vacated due to the deportation and they were destroyed without any directions or orders to do so. Questions over the Armenians who have been converted to İslam along with the fate of the Sanasarian school students and teachers.

Bardir, the son of Artin Gelmejian of Giresun, who is associated with the Karaman County Executive Ahmet Bey applied to the board. His sister was taken out of the women's caravan around Karahisar and seized.



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Sivas 12



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