Sivas 10

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Krikor Guerguerian

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Taner Akcam

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As a response to the telegram dated 29 August 1915 [16 Ağustos 331] from the Ministry of the Interior, the motive and intention in sending a copy of the telegram from the District-Governor's office of Zor dated 30 August 1915 [17 Ağustos 331] along with the message dated 19 February 1919 [19 Şubat 335] is illegible to him.

The information that had been requested and was needed on Hovsebian Vahan Efendi, was erroneously sent on Hushusian Ohannes instead. The situation should be rectified and the murder of Hovsebian and his fellow countryman should be looked into and the conclusion reported back.



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Sivas 10



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