Sermons, 1905-1919

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undated, circa 1905-1919


Worship is based in understanding the truths about our world and using the constraints of these truths to figure out how to make a better life. Davis likens it to a garden:

"I have a plot of ground which I call a garden and I have a desire to develop a more beautiful garden than the one that I had last year. I study my garden; I study the laws of flower culture, and I select seeds that I want and then develop a plan for planting the seeds and plants that, during the season, are to constitute the changing panorama of a garden. I can’t change the laws of nature; I can arrange the flowers and plants according to color and size so that I may have a succession of flowerings harmoniously related and placed. I gather together what knowledge I have about plants and the laws according to which they grow; I have the fixed place of my garden plot and some memories of other gardens. With these as raw materials, I draw in my mind a picture of a garden that exists only in my mind and, even in my mind, is subject to change. I make the realization of that garden, that exists in my mind, the basis of a season’s activities; it becomes a purpose, and to the realization of that purpose, my activities are bent. In the realization of this purpose there are certain factors which I cannot change and there are others which I can change and do change. If I take the attitude which I have towards my garden and transfer it to the world at large, I shall have an illustration of what worship, in its truest and best sense, is."

Davis says that prayer is all well and good, but primitive; we are all "inclined to become victims of the notion that we can bribe life and the universe and God." On worship, Davis says that "it is not a question of choice. Worship is a necessity of life."

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Transcription by Davis Baird. Item description based off writing and context provided by Davis Baird.


Earl Clement Davis, sermons, minister, Unitarianism, religion, philosophy, worship

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What is the Nature of Worship and Will it Have a Place in the Coming Age?



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