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In some cases, Earl Davis bound together manuscripts in bundles. This manuscript is part of one such bundle of seven, held together by four brass fasteners. Six of the seven can be dated to 1918.

A short book review of a book by Eugene William Lyman called God of the New Age. Earl Davis is sharply critical of the book because it fails to recognize how history has moved forward in its conceptions of Jesus and of God.

The primary downloadable document contains the original document followed by the transcription. The bottom of each item page also features the primary document as an embedded pdf for browsing.

Transcription by Davis Baird. Item description based off writing and context provided by Davis Baird.


Earl Clement Davis, minister, Unitarianism, religion, literary criticism

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Review of the Book 'God of the New Age' by Eugene William Lyman [Four Fasteners Bundle]



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