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In this writing, Earl Davis is attending the Tercentenary of Harvard University, listening to President James B. Conant ask "Is there in our time an authentic, unstudied, and spontaneous urge to truth?". This question sends his thoughts to another time, years back, when Davis sat in an office of a large department store at sundown, listening to another man's life story. In prose, he retells the story as it was told to him. The man talking to Davis that day was Milton T. Garvin of Lancaster, PA. Orphaned and possessing no formal education, he went onto become a successful businessman who deeply sought knowledge and something that reconciled science and religion. He found that reconciliation in the Ralph Waldo Emerson and Unitarianism. Garvin financially supported the Church of Our Father in Lancaster.


Earl Clement Davis, sermons, minister, Unitarianism, religion

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A Man in Search of New Saints



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