Fazil Bey

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Krikor Guerguerian

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Taner Akcam

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From: Captain Fazil [Fazıl] of the Malatya Notables and the Retired Military Personnel To: The Grand Viziership; the Ministries of Interior and Justice; the Notables Date: 30 November [30 Teşrin-i sani] 1918 Number: unavailable Topic: it states that the atrocities committed in the year 1915 had tainted the name of Islam; that thousands of women and children had been killed; that their properties were seized and looted; and that meanwhile a 75-year-old Catholic Bishop was killed solely for the purposes of taking the ring on his finger.

A list of names of some top-level officials in 1915 , and the crimes they committed during the period of deportation. These names are listed in the Key Words column.



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10 Captain Fazil Bey - Turkish II



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