Military Tribunals / Muhtelif Konular


Military 06

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Krikor Guerguerian

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Taner Akcam

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With Ali Münif Bey, of the Ministry of the Interior, at the helm, a commission was formed consisting of the Director of General Security Ismail Canpolat and two members of the Union and Progress Society. Some Doctors, in particular Tevfik Rushtu [Rüştü], Medical Director From Marass [Marash [Maraş]], had prepared thousands of kilos of lime to cover the corpses. Municipal Chief Health Officer Mahmut Celalettin Bey, the chief doctor from the municipality of Üsküdar was in Ankara during the events. Two days after Vartkes and Zohrab were deported, a police staff member was assigned to the treasury department of Diyarbekir [Diyarbakir].



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Military 06



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