Malatya 02

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Krikor Guerguerian

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Taner Akcam

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There were 1,191 Armenians in 134 households in the subdistrict and of these 1,115 were deported; 74 are children who have been left with those of charitable bent.

If there are dead along the roadways, the small ones should be buried in the ground while the others are buried in deep wells. If remains are encountered moving forward, the highest ranking civil servant and gendarmerie commanders need to be consulted.

There are still dead along the roadways. If this state of affairs continues those who are responsible will be punished quite severely.

There are dead found in some places. The remains should be buried and if this isn't taken care of, those who are responsible with be terminated.

Follow up is needed based on orders from the Ministry of the Interior....



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Malatya 02



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