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This research was designed to determine the influence that the administration of Clark University and reputation has on the involvement of students in Main South as well as their perceptions. The research began through an exploration of existing research in the field, formal interviews with particular administrators at Clark University, as well as surveys and questionnaires with Clark students. First year and mixed class respondents were found to be equally optimistic on the partnership between Clark and the community, as well as on the overall attitudes of the Clark students’ towards community service. Additionally, a lack of cohesion between administrative departments, and between the administration and the student body was ultimately found. While more research is required, it would be beneficial to increase student integration into long-term community projects as well as a more in depth research methods course.

Main Research Question: How does the Clark Administration and reputation influence student involvement in main South and student perceptions of Clark’s community engagement? The research was conducted through formal interviews of administration and stuff, as well as surveys and questionnaires of students.

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ID 132 Research Methods

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Fall 2010

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