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Among the materials left in the trunk was an envelope titled, “Maurer, James H., Penn State Federation of Labor, Article on the Open Shop.” The envelope contained a printed copy of this article – from a speech that Maurer gave before the Miners’ Special Convention in DuBois, Pennsylvania on February 22, 1921. In addition, the envelope contained three letters from Maurer to Earl Davis confirming a meeting for the two of them on March 9, 1921. Unfortunately, the envelope did not contain Earl Davis’ side of this correspondence, nor anything about the meeting on March 9th.

James Maurer was President of the Pennsylvania Federation of Labor, affiliated with the American Federation of Labor.

The primary document here is a scan of the printed version of the speech. Then, the supplementary files contain the correspondence from James Maurer to Earl Davis, and a scan of the outside of the envelope.


Earl Clement Davis, minister, Unitarianism, religion, labor, miners, James Maurer

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Article and Correspondence from James H. Maurer, President, Pennsylvania Federation of Labor



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