Kayseri Trial

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The letter signed by Morganthau, which explains that Cemal Pasha wrote to the American Consulate's War Office in Syria on 29 November 1915 and requested that they do not interfere in the Armenian issue and the internal affairs of Turkey.

The statement of the Minister of Maritime Affairs Admiral Avni Pasha, stating that the Trabzon Governor-General Cemal Azmi, who had fled to Berlin, had taken a monstrous pleasure in killing Armenians. An excerpt from the Jamanag newspaper's 6 May 1919 issue.

The beginning section of the letter signed by Hoffman Philip and sent from the Aleppo American Consulate to the American State Department on 29 February 1916, which informs of the numbers and needs of the nearby Armenians

A handwritten excerpt from the report, signed by Consul J. Jakson and dated 3 February 1916, which sent to the American Ambassador Morgenthau in Istanbul and which contains statistical information on the Armenian migrants in Syria. The document is located in the Washington D.C. National Archive.

A 4-page handwritten text which contains the internal report sent by the Kayseri Governor-General and read at the Military Tribunal trials, as well as some of the debates that took place regarding this report.

The report sent by Behich Bey [Behiç Bey] to the Special Organization Commission on 25 November 1914 and published in the Takvim-i Vekayi, issue number 3543, on 13 May 1919; The report states that the trained gang members had also been sent to the regions in which operations were taking place.

[This is a long document. Please consult the index for full information]



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