International Development, Community and Environment (IDCE)

Date of Award


Degree Type

Research Paper

Degree Name

Master of Science in Environmental Science and Policy (ES&P)


International Development, Community and Environment

Chief Instructor

Gregory Trencher


As funding increases for climate change related issues in Sub-Saharan Africa there should also be an increase in research to understand how scientific literature in the environmental sector can assist in developing policy and implementing development projects. Using secondary research, this paper centers on Malawi to develop an understanding of what is occurring in Sub-Saharan Africa as a whole in regards to climate change and environmental policy, science and development projects. It sought to determine if scientific thematic areas of research and recommended courses of action were being incorporated into actual government policies and on the ground development projects. This study employed a literature and document review approach. Findings showed that minimal overlap among all three sectors of science, policy, and practice was occurring. The discussion of these results then compares communication and framing of environmental issues in these three sectors, and concludes with final recommendations that sustainable development projects are designed and implemented to include a wide variety of stakeholders.



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