International Development, Community and Environment (IDCE)

Date of Award


Degree Type

Research Paper

Degree Name

Master of Science in Environmental Science and Policy (ES&P)


International Development, Community and Environment

Chief Instructor

Dr. Cynthia Caron

Second Reader

Dr. Sam Ratick


Recognizing the gender gap that exists in the adoption rates of improved agricultural technology is crucial in increasing agricultural productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa. A gender-disaggregated framework is used to examine key variables that guide the adoption decision of improved agricultural technologies by gender and household headship. Drawing on household data collected in two districts in Uganda and constructing a probability model, key variables will be analyzed as to their significance in the adoption decision for improved banana cultivars. The analysis shows that gender alone is insufficient in fully understanding adoption decisions, as other significant factors exist. Using the literature and primary data, key variables will be analyzed to determine the constraints that female farmers face which limits adoption decisions. Determining the significant variables in adoption of improved agricultural technologies has policy implications that suggest research studies ought to focus on equitable resource availability to reduce the gender gap in agricultural technology adoption, which will in turn improve agricultural productivity.



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