International Development, Community and Environment (IDCE)

Date of Award


Degree Type

Final Project

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Community Development and Planning (CDP)


International Development, Community and Environment

Chief Instructor

Kathryn Madden

Second Reader

Timothy McGourthy


In this study, Webster Square is examined as a neighborhood and commercial node within the City of Worcester, MA. Using a variety of data sources and analyses, the study looks at the characteristics of the area to define the condition and context of Webster Square as it currently exists.Guided by current planning theory, contemporary practice, and key informant interviews, this study then suggests different directions for future development and growth in Webster Square. These visions for the future look to address key issues to help make the neighborhood a more vibrant, cohesive, and walkable community. More broadly, this study highlights the need for neighborhood planning,specifically within the context of Worcester, where major investment in the downtown should now be followed by investment and planning in other neighborhoods and commercial nodes, such as Webster Square.





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