International Development, Community and Environment (IDCE)

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Master of Arts in Community Development and Planning (CDP)


International Development, Community and Environment

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Anita Fabos

Second Reader

Robert Zarges

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Refugee Self Organization: the Effects of Organizations on Refugees The following abstract will introduce research conducted to find how incoming refugees integrate themselves into American societies through the aid of organizations. The paper was divided into two main questions: 1. How do refugees self organize themselves upon arrival to a new country? 2. How do organizations help them transition into integration? The paper is serves to define ways that refugees integrate into new environments. The research was collected through conducting interviews to organizations that serve refugee communities. The findings presented in this paper were defined through a collection of the main themes from the interviews that were provided by executive directors and leaders of the five organizations. Themes such as leadership, teamwork, collaboration, and supporting and cooperative board members were derived from the interviews.

Anita Fabos , Ph.D. Chief Instructor

Robert Zarges, Ph.D. Assistant Professor



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