Date of Award




Degree Name

Master of Arts in Geography



Chief Instructor

Edward C. Higbee


Holden, Massachusetts, population, Worcester, birth rates, death rates, Worcester county, settlement, history, Northwood Village, Drumlin, Muschapague Pond


Holden, Massachusetts is a town located adjacent to and north of Worcester. It is 36.0 square miles in area, and recorded 8500 inhabitants in 1955. Its close location to Worcester has greatly influences the developments in the town by having a constant contact with the urban influences. These influences operated very clearly and obviously in the last two decades when the town grew tremendously in comparison with the past. This growth embraces two elements which are complementary to each other; the population and the settlements in which the people live. The nature and effects of the growth in the last two decades, in both population and settlements, came to the foreground by analyzing the changes in these two aspects in the earlier periods before the last two decades.



Included in

Geography Commons



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