Governors, County Executives / Valiler-Kaymakamlar


Governors 04

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Krikor Guerguerian

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Taner Akcam

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A copy of the coded telegram from the District Governor's office of Zor, which was in response to a telegram from the exalted Ministry of the Interior to the provinces, dated 29 August 1915 [16 Ağustos 1915] about the immediate dismissal and turning over to the military tribunal of the civil servants and gendarmes who attacked the caravan of deported Armenians, was found in the files of the private correspondence Directorship office.

He understands that the aim of the government is to disempower the harmful elements. However, through the thick heads of Diyarbakır Governor-General Resit [Reşit] and his Aide and Commissioner Memduh, corrupt practices that could infect the state and the nation are present and they must be punished.



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Governors 04



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