Genocide (Various Languages)

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Krikor Guerguerian

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Taner Akcam

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The properties and goods transfered from the abandoned properties commission to the Yozgat CUP for their clubhouse, and their values; the written correspondences conducted with the Yozgat Provincial District Government after the release of prisoners from the Yozgat prison and their employment at the Special Organization; and the list of the names of the released prisoners.

The letters/texts sent to the Military Tribunal about the plunder and illegal activities committed by the Bogazlian [Boğazlıyan] County Executive Kemal Bey adn the Kayseri District Governor, in relation to the abandoned properties.

It requests that the lines regarding the 65 released convicts from the Yozgat prison be re-written in contemporary Turkish.

The telegraph sent by Interior Minister Talat Pasha to the Erzurum Governor-General Tahsin Bey, regarding the Armenian deportations; and the reply by Tahsin Bey to Talat Pasha, stating that he did not find the aforementioned deportation orders as right.

A petition written by a group of notables, requesting that an investigation into the activities of the gangs during the deportations in Erzurum and Tercan be launched, and that they be punished; and additionally, that those who plundered the Armenians' properties also be punished.

The letter sent by the Administrative Inspector Nedim Bey to the Administrative Inspector Emin Bey, regarding how the Bogazlian [Boğazlıyan] County Executive Kemal Bey and his wife had abused and seized the abandoned properties of Armenians.

[This is a long document. Please consult the index for full information]



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44 Tercan - Deportations



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