Co-creating logistics value: A service-dominant logic perspective

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Purpose - The purpose of this study is to explore logistics service value through the theoretical lens of service-dominant (S-D) logic with a focus on the creation of logistics value jointly by the provider and the customer. Design/methodology/approach - A cross-disciplinary literature review including supply chain management, logistics, marketing, and strategy is conducted to integrate existing knowledge on value of service and antecedents and consequences of value creation in a process framework for co-creation of value in a logistics context. This framework is grounded in the S-D logic perspective and supported by transaction cost analysis (TCA), resource-based view (RBV) and knowledge-based view (KBV) of the firm. Findings - The process of co-creation of value in a logistics context has three phases: learning, innovation and execution, and outcomes. These phases and their key elements are integrated into a comprehensive framework of co-creation of logistics service value. A total of 12 propositions are offered to describe the process for achieving competitive advantage through co-creation of logistics service value. Research limitations/implications - The proposed framework adds to the current knowledge on logistics service value by exploring the concept from the S-D logic perspective and suggests guidelines for managers on developing a process for co-creation of logistics service value that leads to competitive advantage and enhanced customer satisfaction. Follow-on qualitative research such as grounded theory is needed to emerge a theory grounded in empirical data that explicates how the co-creation of value can occur. Originality/value - This study is novel in that it applies the S-D logic perspective in a logistics context. This research leverages existing knowledge through a deeper understanding of the concept of logistics service value and use of well-accepted theoretical perspectives such as TCA, RBV, and KBV. © Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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International Journal of Logistics Management

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