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Purpose - The issue of varying stakeholder expectations has significant implications for successful enterprise information system implementation. This issue becomes more prevalent in e-government situations where a variety of stakeholders are influenced by inter-organizational knowledge sharing. This paper presents an exploratory investigation of the diverging and converging expectations of various stakeholders at the initiation of e-government projects with regard to the benefits of and barriers to interorganizational knowledge sharing. Design/methodology/approach - Survey data were collected from seven cases within the New York State (NYS) government setting. We identified two sets of stakeholder groupings in this paper; core/key project participants and general participants (similar to developer/user stakeholder groupings); and; various organizational participants (state government, local government, non-profit organization, and private organization stakeholders). Findings - Research results indicated that key participants' expectations were similar to those of general participants/users. Their perceptions converge on the relative likelihood of achieving benefits and relative severity of barriers; although significant differences do exist in discernment of the opportunity for achieving wider professional networks and the magnitude of control-oriented management. Finally, we found significant differences among stakeholders groups based on the types of organizational membership. Local government stakeholders are considerably less optimistic in achieving goals, and more concerned about a variety of organizational, technological, and financial barriers. Originality/value - The results provide guidance for e-government design and implementation strategies that amplify common interests, contend with shared difficulties, and mitigate differences. © Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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