Innovating in IS: A pharmaceutical case study into modelling creative climate

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Conference Paper


This case study was a qualitative exploration on the influencing characteristics of creative climate, within IS innovation teams at a top tier “Big Pharma” company. Using Template Analysis, a 14-dimension theoretical model was tested against qualitative data from 35 IS innovation stakeholders. A good fit was found in the qualitative codes derived from the field data. Further, the theoretical model was expanded to produce a rich set of sub-classifications. This study contributes to literature as Conceptual Research and adds to the extant literature by providing additional perspectives and extending the model within a new context; IS teams supporting drug development. The method and output of this research can be used by innovation and knowledge management practitioners in IS environments as a template model as they try to gain deeper understandings, mitigate barriers, and support enabling opportunities to create new knowledge, solve problems, and improve innovative output.

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25th Americas Conference on Information Systems, AMCIS 2019

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