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The growth of the IT sector masks important dynamics: occupational complexity; the spread of the IT workforce into other sectors, and a transformation in traditional human resource practices. Handling these tensions is demanding regional workforce development strategies, especially to create institutional connections, or labor market intermediaries, that can assure the flow of talent through specific segments of the educational pipeline, from high school to higher education, and into specific employers, industries, and local sub-regional labor markets. The Boston Area Advanced Technical Education Connections (BATEC) is one of such intermediaries. BATEC has created the a basic template of practices that can be used to up-scale its efforts and contribute to shape a regional workforce development system.

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SIGITE'06, October 19–21, 2006, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
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Proceedings of the 7th ACM SIG-Information Technology Education Conference, SIGITE 2006

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labor market analysis, labor market intermediary, system netting, systems building, workforce development



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