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In this study we 1) describe the abundance of Anopheles and culicine immatures in different water body types in urban Malindi, Kenya, 2) compare Anopheles immature density in relation to culicine immature density, and 3) identify characteristics that influence the likelihood of water bodies being co-colonized by Anopheles and culicines. Entomological and environmental cross-sectional surveys conducted in 2001 and 2002 were used in the analysis. A total of 889 Anopheles and 7,217 culicine immatures were found in diverse water body types in 2001 and 2002. Car-track pools (n=45) and unused swimming pools (n=25) comprised 61% (70 of 115) of all water bodies found and served as the main habitats for Anopheles immatures. Of the 38 water bodies found containing Anopheles immature mosquitoes, 63% (24 of 38) were car-track pools and unused swimming pools. Culicine immatures utilized several water body types as habitats. We found that Anopheles and culicine immatures had higher density when occurring individually compared to when they occurred simultaneously. We determined that season, permanency, and water body area size influenced the likelihood of water bodies being simultaneously positive for Anopheles and culicines. Though Anopheles immatures were found in diverse water body types, their numbers were low compared to culicine immatures. The low density of Anopheles immatures suggests that Anopheles larval control is an achievable goal in Malindi.

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Journal of Vector Ecology

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