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On the transportation and settlement of Armenians in the towns and villages within the province, with the exception of the northern region near the border of the Van province, to locations indicated in the Province of Mosul and the district of Zor. They are to be settled in either new homes that will be constructed there or in villages that will be newly created which will be shown by the government. Their settlement locations will be located far from the Baghdad railway and the lives and properties of Armenians will be protected.

Some of the subdistricts in the Beyazit district and central district were invaded by Russians during the first raid. Some of the Muslim community that could not leave are staying in Armenian properties for the most part. Most of the Armenians in the Armenian Towns and villages in the area around the Karayaz-Tortum border have gradually passed over to the Russian side. The only Armenians left to be deported are those in 4-5 of the subdistricts that are part of Erzurum, and the Armenians of Erzincan.

Since all of the people inhabiting the village of Bodicor [Bodiçor] in the subdistrict Yusufeli are Armenian, their deportation elsewere is going to be difficult. The Russians have pushed some of the Muslim villages into the Ottoman side therefore it would be appropriate to send the Armenians of Bodicor [Bodiçor] to Russian.

The protection of the lives and properties of Armenians who are being deported to the interior, temporarily due to war conditions, is absolutely necessary. A sufficient number of gendarmes for the caravans along with responsible gendarmerie officials and civil servants must be assigned for their deportation. Reports must be sent from the local government once they have been delivered to the center of Kharpert [Elazig - Elazığ] Province safe and sound.

Bandits from Dersim [Tunceli] have started to appear in Erzincan, Tercan and Kiğı villages, as armed gangs. They have raided gendarmerie headquarters in some places. It won't be possible to bring in army units to do follow up; the available gendarmerie have been dispatched to Erzincan and Kigi [Kiğı]. They must be removed but at a time when the state is dealing with the war, it will be difficult to handle a Kurdish matter. It is reported that the governor of Kharpert [Elazig - Elazığ] has certain influence over the Dersimians [Tunceli'ians].

None of the caravans heading to Palu had been attacked thus far but news had arrived that the seventh caravan would be attacked by a Muslim force. This is a response that states that only ten soldiers can be spared for the caravans.

80 soldiers were assigned to protect the caravan and they were going to remove the Kurdish bandits.

There aren't enough forces to deport the Armenians of Hodicor [Hodiçor]. About the dispatch of 20 gendarmes from Ispir to Kiskim.

For the deportation of Armenians from Hodicor [Hodiçor], notification that 20 gendarmes are being sent to Yusufeli and that even the most minor of violations would be met with execution.

Notification that 20 gendarmes are being sent From Ispir, that the caravan is to be protected and that information should be shared with Bayburt.

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