Erzincan 20

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Krikor Guerguerian

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Taner Akcam

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On a letter from the governor of Erzurum dated 10 June [27 Mayis] 1915, wherein Memduh Bey is asked about the illnesses that have cropped up in the caravans, on what the Deputy District Governor of Beyazıt - Ziya Bey, has to say about the skirmishes with the Kurdish gangs.

Sending copies of the telegrams that were exchanged between the district governors of Malatya and Dersim [Tunceli] at that time, the parliamentarian from Kemah, Bedri, Sukru [Şükrü], Bahaettin Sakir [Şakir], Kharpert [Elazig - Elazığ] Governor Sabit Bey and Union Inspector Nazim Bey, which revolved around the subject of the crimes being commited during the deportation.

Sending the certified copies of the telegrams that were exchanged between Memduh Bey, who was serving as the District Governor of Erzincan, and Halet Bey, the parliamentarian of Kemah and Governor of Kharpert [Elazig - Elazığ] Governor-General - Sabit Bey, about the crimes committed during the deportation.



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Erzincan 20



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