Erzincan 14

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Krikor Guerguerian

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Taner Akcam

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[This is a long document, so consult excel documentation for full summary]

List containing the recitation of the suspects, the witnesses and their crimes in the Erzincan prosecutions.

Recording and sending the statement of Mehmet Necati Efendi from Erzurum, who lives in the village of Kamarik in Kayseri and is an official with the Special Organization of Erzurum and who knew about the illegalities that occurred during the deportation. //

Statement of witness Mehmet Necati.

List of escaped [AWOL] soldiers.

How the Mobile Gendarmerie Regiment of the Third Battalion of Trabzon had joined with the army and that in order to send the gang leaders to the Military Tribunal of Erzurum, the province had been contacted in writing and that Faik Efendi had been arrested in Erzincan.

Gangs have not been deployed From Trabzon and its branches; there hasn't been any looting.

The summaries of the statements of Gayzak Arapian from Trabzon, Nevarat Mahuhian and Dikranush Mahuhian.

The statement of Deputy Officer Faik of the Mobile Gendarmerie Regiment First Battalion Second Company of Trabzon.

The statement of Eyup [Eyüp] Sabri registered with the Trabzon Mobile Gendarmerie Regiment First Battalion Second Company.

The statement of Osman, son Rusen [Ruşen], from the Imaret borough of Trabzon, who is suspected of wrongful seizure.

(Continued...) [This is a long document, so consult excel documentation for full summary]



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Erzincan 14



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