Sense Translation of Gothic and its Cultural Representation in "The Hound of the Baskervilles" and "The Journey to the West"

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Master of Arts in English



Chief Instructor

James Elliott

Second Reader

Lisa Kasmer


Nowadays, most of English literature works have been translated into Chinese by direct translation. The translation method creates a new language which is even hard for Chinese native speakers to catch on what the main point is.Sense translation is an effective way to solve such a problem. In Chapter One, I am going to talk about how Gothic elements work in theory and why it is so important for Chinese translators to understand. The first step is to summarize the main plot related to Gothic in both of the two classics. Then I will analyze how Gothic theories works in terms of those excerpts and talk about how to apply them in Chapter two. In Chapter two, I will discuss how sense translation of Gothic works in practice. It will be mainly realized by rewriting those Gothic excerpts in terms of linguistic foundation and the application of Gothic theories.