Deportation Practices / Tehcir Uygulamaları

Original Author

Krikor Guerguerian

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Taner Akcam

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A notification of the order from the Chief Commander that regardless of age or gender, there will be no exceptions to removing Armenians from the country.

Of the deported Armenians those with military families will stay where they are; if they comprise more than five households then they will be dispersed among the Islamic communities; under this situation for example one Armenian family may be settled into a prevailing Muslim village comprised of twenty households; in a place that has more than one hundred households, a maximum of five Armenian households will be permitted. A notice on the subject was sent by the Ministry of Interior to the provinces. A list of the families of rebels is being prepared and will be shared with authorized officials in the locations. If military and civil servant families have been deported, they will be allowed to return.



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