Undated Materials

Undated Materials

Earl Clement Davis’ materials were originally preserved in a trunk for decades, presumably packed up after his death upon vacating the Petersham parsonage. From the 1950s through the 1980s, the trunk lived in the house of his grandson, Davis Baird, in Lexington, Massachusetts. Following the death of Davis's mother, it moved again; this time to his older sister's home in Norwich, Vermont. Davis Baird took the trunk in the early 1990s and has had it since, finally residing in Worcester, MA, not too far from Petersham where its journey began.

During all of this time, the materials in the trunk were periodically "pawed through". Stuff got moved around, added to, taken out, returned. The organization, such as it may have been, was largely lost. Many of the materials are dated, or can be dated by various clues which we note in the relevant item records. Unfortunately, many of the manuscripts have no date. Here is a selection of them

Item description adapted from writing by Davis Baird.


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