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Summer 8-25-2015


During the Holocaust, internal currency was issued in many of the concentration camps, death camps and ghettos that have become hallmarks of that terrible era. Though little was previously known about this money, it provides incredibly valuable insight not only into the internal economies of these institutions, but also the economic dimensions of genocide that the Nazis manipulated to their advantage. This paper provides background on the inception and use of such money, and argues that ather than being innocuous and neutral elements of daily life in the camps and ghettos, these notes and coins were in fact instruments of genocide.


This paper was written as part of a LEEP Project. The author interned with the Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies researching and preserving a collection of concentration camp and ghetto money. The collection, titled the Robert Messing ('59) Holocaust Numismatic Collection, is located at the Strassler Center and can be used for projects and papers by appointment.