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The Robert Messing (59’) Holocaust Numismatic Collection consists of coins and notes from various concentration camps and ghettos, including Lodz, Theresienstadt, Westerbork, Mittelbau and Buchenwald. It also contains various numismatic miscellany, such as Nazi coins, an Anne Frank commemorative coin, and a bond from the German Conversion Fund for Foreign Debt. Also included are a handful of relevant documents and journals, many of which have been recently copied. These copies are included in the collection. A paper detailing the exact nature of this currency and its role in the Holocaust is contained with the finding aid for your reference.

Though there are some kinds of notes that fall under the heading of “concentration camp and ghetto money”, such as notes made by resistance movements, etc. the currency contained in this collection is only that which was created by the Nazi regime.


Series Description

Series 1: Ghetto currency. Coins and paper currency from Lodz and Theresienstadt.

Series 2: Concentration camp currency. Paper currency from Buchenwald, Mittelbau and Westerbork.

Series 3: Miscellaneous notes and coins. Nazi coins, an Anne Frank commemorative coin, and a bond note from the Conversion Fund for Foreign Debt.

Series 4: Documents. Journals and articles donated with the collection to be used as reference material.