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Krikor Guerguerian

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Taner Akcam

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The "Armenocide State Policy" book's manuscript/draft from 1986, its preface and introduction chapter

The articles in the Takvim-i Vekayi newspaper that contain the questions posed to some of the defendants during the Military Tribunal and the defendants' answers.

A newspiece regarding Talat Pasha's Mason status (Jamanak, 30 March 1921)

From: Bogazlian [Boğazlıyan] Branch President Mustafa To: [blank] Date: 4 August 1915 [22 Temmuz 331] Number: 17 Topic: It is a response to the telegraph sent on 4 August 1915 [22 Temmuz 331] with the code 3011, regarding the fact that the aforementioned Armenians were killed under the agency of Sergeant Huseyin Avni [Hüseyin Avni] of the Gendarmerie, due to the Armenians being harmful .

From: Shahabettin [Şahabettin] To: The Ankara Army Corps Command Date: 24 August 1915 [11 Ağustos 331] Number: [blank] Topic: regarding the fact that the encrypted telegraph of 23 August 1915 [10 Ağustos 331] had been circulated to the branches, yet that according to the information provided by the Akdagmadeni [Akdağmadeni] Branch President, the County Executive, in accordance with the orders from the Yozgat District Governorate, was not going to leave any traces behind of his Armenian soldiers.

The testifying witnesses and the telegraphs read during the Military Tribunal's 9th session on 21 February 1919 and its 11th sessions.

[This is a long document. Please consult the index for full information]



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14 Armenocide - Telegrams I



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