Genocide (Armenian Telegrams)

13 Genocide - Armenian Telegrams VII

13 Genocide - Armenian Telegrams VII

Krikor Guerguerian


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Regarding the attacks carried out by the Armenians of Kanlica Farm [Kanlıca Çiftlik] andKayapunar against the villagers of Masrades; that these events had been exaggerated in the reports given to the headquarters; that the abandoned properties of the emptied villages had been destroyed; that an Inspector be sent to investigate these events; and that according to the information he had received, the police were responsible for these acts.

Regarding the following topics: that the social tranquility was in tact; that the problem was rooted in a misunderstanding of the events that took place in Terzili; that not only the police officers, but also the population had benefited from the destruction; that the population had worried because those who had fled into the mountains had shouted that gangs were coming; however, that no blood had been spilled in the county; and that an ordinance should be given for there to be an investigation into these events.

It asks whether the aforementioned 51 Armenians had been conviced by the Military Tribunal, and whether their deportation was seen as necessary.

Regarding the fact that Armenian fugitives had attacked the Townships of Muncusun and Erkelet upon the memo received by the Kayseri District Governor, and regarding the dispatchal of forces to the area.

Regarding the results of the attacks carried out by Armenian fugitives against the villages of Akdagmadeni [Akdağ Madeni] and Bogazlian [Boğazlıyan], and the fact that no information had been provided about the work accomplished by the forces that had been dispatched there.

It states that the aforementioned persons had been found carrying illegal weapons and been sentenced to 1-2 years in prison by the Military Tribunal; and that some of them had been deported by the Military Tribunal, as their stay in Kayseri had been deemed objectionable.

It states that all papers and pieces of evidence should be collected and kept in small booklets, in order to demonstrate the righteousness of the methods used to destroy the Armenian revolutionary movement; that all dates and places of events that arose and, if possible, the names of perpetrators, their pictures, the damages caused by them, and the names of the victims should be recorded; and that every month, an issue of these little booklets should be sent to the chief of staff.

It states that a few individuals in Yozgat established opposition parties and started a resistance against the existing government; and that they wanted to cause a big disaster by provoking the Muslim population in order to achieve their hopes.

[This is a long document. Please consult the index for full information]