Genocide (Armenian Telegrams)

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Krikor Guerguerian

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Taner Akcam

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[This is a long document. Please consult the index for full information]It states that the arrest orders for dangerous Armenians and the committee leaders was misunderstood and executed wrongly, and that the real criminals are not suffering the necessary consequences. In this respect, it sends along the encrypted telegraph of the Ministry of Interior, dated 19 May 1915 and number 294. Furthermore, it states that the dangerous persons should be deported to a distant location.

Written correspondences regarding the investigation that was being conducted about the murder of the Erzincan Spiritual Leader, Sahag Odabashian [Sahag Odabaşyan] of Sivasl. Talat, in his telegraph sent to the Sivas Governor-General, states that there are suspicions about this person and that it would be necessary to keep him under custody.

The Sultan's Edict regarding the necessity of total extermination of the Armenian race due to the current situation is published. It provides information to the Army Commanders on how to implement the Decree.

A petition to take all of the inmates of the Ankara prison into the Army.

Regarding the attacks carried out against the Armenian caravans being deported from Trabzon by policemen

Regarding the fact that the Armenians would be deported for their residential communities and settled in the south of Zor and Mosul; that the Armenians would live in homes built by themselves; that their dwellings would need to be 25 km away from the Baghdad railway; and that the local authorities would be responsible of the deportations.

Regarding the preparation and dispatching of the gangs.

Regarding the following topics: that the Russian Army had occupiet one section of the Erzurum Province; that the justifications for the deportation of Armenians were baseless, and that removing them from their communities would be more dangerous for the country; that the Armenians did not pose a threat to Erzurum; that the Armenians living in the the counties were providing grans for the Army; that the sectors that provided for food for the population were operated by the Armenians; that it would be more reasonable to keep them where they were instead of deporting them; that the Van rebellion was actually a result of the failed government policy; that he himself would not take the responsibility of deporting 60,000 people; that he would listen to his conscience. "I beg of you to postpone the implementation of this decision in order to save the Motherland."[This is a long document. Please consult the index for full information]



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