Adana Confiscation (Courts Martial)

Original Author

Krikor Guerguerian

Institutional Sponsor

Taner Akcam

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Copies from Naim Bey's documents (the handwriting is difficult to read)

Guerguerian's notes regarding the massacres in Deir ez-Zor

Copies from Naim Bey's documents

Gergeryan's notes regarding Onnik Mazlumian

The written statement presented by the lawyers in the Ehlerian Trial on 10 June 1921

From: The Ministry of Interior To: unavailable Date: 16 October [3 Teşrin-i evvel] 1915 Topic: it states that the reason for why the Deir ez-Zor Provincial District had been selected as a region for settlement had been previously informed via a secret letter; and that there was no need for any legal investigation into any crimes committed by the Muslim population against these known individuals during their deportation, as long as the crimes comply with the objectives of the government.



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44 Genocide - Der Zor



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