Adana Confiscation (Courts Martial)

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Krikor Guerguerian

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Taner Akcam

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From: Mefik Bey Date: 8 kyanoun 330

From: The Army Corps Commander Halil Recai To: The Office of the Kayseri Division Command Date: 8 July 1915 [25 Haziran 331] Number: 26/26 - Army Corps 3/1288 Topic: it writes that it would be suitable that those who were to be deported in accordance with the Ministry of Interior's notice be sent to Aleppo.

From: The Deportations Military Tribunal President Mamut Hayret To: The Yozgat Provincial District Government Date: [blank] Topic: it states that the District Governor Kemal bey had the Protestant population of 70 homes killed in the Village of Incirli; that Yakup Efendi of Pasakoy [Paşaköy] had converted 50 homes of Armenians in the village of Karabiyik [Karabıyık]; that District Governor had wanted to slaughter these families as well; that he had said "you made these people Muslim with Sharia and I will kill them with politics;" and regarding some other topics.

The Turkish translation of some parts of the Yozgat Deportations trial.

In a news article titled, "A Tragic and Terrible Document," the copy of the instructions that were given to the gangs established by the CUP during the deportations in order to kill and annihilate the Armenians is published. The name and date of the newspaper is not provided.

From: The Ankara Army Corps Command (Halil Recai) To: The Office of the Kayseri Division Command Tarih: 27 July 1915 [14 Temmuz 331] Number: 4/1744 - 2917 Topic: it asks whether the 446 deportees were desported due to the decision of the Military Tribunal, or because they were suspicious.

[This is a long document. Please consult the index for full information]



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10 Deportation - Turkish Telegrams I



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