About This Journal

We believe that youth-produced knowledge is important, powerful, and relevant. Our goal is to create space that empowers youth work to be used as classroom resources, outlets for creativity and exploration, and sources of inspiration and camaraderie for youth everywhere.

The planning process for JOYS began in 2015 with a goal to create a space that is youth-led and supportive of youth voices, challenging and questioning why the vast majority of published research and creative writing is produced by adults. This journal started with a conversation around how we could be part of a youth movement and continued with diverse ideas from unique youth perspectives first on a planning team and then with a majority youth Editorial Board. We believe that youth have so much potential to share ideas that affect the world in a way that brings us all together. We know there are already music influencers, dancers, artists and writers, however much of their work is not easily accessible to us. At JOYS, we hope to be a space where youth work can be celebrated and shared in and out of academic spaces.

The Journal of Youth Scholarship is a peer- reviewed, a scholarly journal for youth, accepting submissions from secondary youth in all geographic locations. We accept the following types of writing: Research, Memoirs, Creative Writing

JOYS is supported by the Jacob Hiatt Center for Urban Education at Clark University.